Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA)

  Undergraduate Enrollment Guide for International Students


  一、招生说明 Introduction to International Students Enrollment


  All the undergraduate majors with four-year programs in Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts (SIVA) are open to international students. After having fulfilled the graduation requirements, they will be awarded the undergraduate graduation certificate of SIVA.


  二、招生对象  Target of Enrollment

  1. 高中毕业以上学历,具备大学申请资格,身体健康的非中国籍公民。

  Non-Chinese citizens with senior high school graduation certificate or above, have university application qualifications and be in good health condition.

  1. 根据教育部教外函[2020]12号文,国际考生身份的认定标准如下:

  According to the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China, criteria for the identification of international candidates are as follows:

  1. 根据《中华人民共和国国籍法》第五条,父母双方或一方为中国公民并定居在外国,本人出生时即具有外国国籍的,不具有中国国籍。自2021年起,其申请作为国际学生进入我高等学校本专科阶段学习,除符合学校的其他报名资格外,还应持有有效的外国护照或国籍证明文件4年(含)以上,且最近4年(截至入学年度的4月30日前)之内有在外国实际居住2年以上的记录(一年中实际在外国居住满9个月可按一年计算,以入境和出境签章为准)。

  According to Article 5 of the 'Nationality Law of the People's Republic of China', if either or both parents are Chinese citizens and settled in a foreign country, their baby was born with foreign nationality instead of Chinese nationality. Starting from 2021, all applicants should meet school’s requirements of enrollment to apply for Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts. Besides, valid passport or nationality certificate with a duration for more than 4 years is also required. Within the last 4 years (up to April 30 of the enrollment year), there are records of actual residence in foreign countries for more than 2 years (actual residence in a foreign country for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year, based on entry and exit seals on the passport).

  1. 祖国大陆(内地)、香港、澳门和台湾居民在移民并获得外国国籍后申请作为国际学生进入我高等学校本专科阶段学习的,应满足本通知以上第一条要求。

  Residents of the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who apply for entry into Shanghai Institute of Visual Arts as international students after immigration and acquiring foreign nationality shall meet the requirements of Article 1 above.


  三、申请日期 Application Period


  November 1 of the current year through March 31 of the enrollment year


  四、申请流程  Application Procedures

  第1步:审核 申请资格  Step 1: Application eligibility to be reviewed


  Submit the color electronic version of the following materials in Article 3,4,5 to siva_international@163.com

  1. 品德良好,无犯罪记录;愿意遵守中华人民共和国的法律、法规和学校有关规章制度。

  Good moral character, no criminal record; Willing to abide by the laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China and the relevant rules and regulations of SIVA.

  1. 身体健康;一般应满18周岁,原则上不超过25周岁。

  In good health condition; Generally above 18 years old and under 25 years old.

  1. 持有(相当于)高中或高中以上文凭,应届生由在读学校开具证明。

  Holding senior high school (equivalent or above) diploma. Graduating students should hold proof certificates to be issued by the current school.

  1. 持有效外国籍护照(入籍必须满四年以上),出具最近四年之内(截至入学年度的4月30日前)在国外实际居住两年及以上的证明(在国外居住满9个月按一年计算)。

  Holding a valid foreign national passport (naturalization must be more than four years), and a proof certificate of actual residence in a foreign country for more than two years (actual residence in a foreign country for 9 months in a year can be calculated as one year) within the last four years (up to April 30 of the enrollment year).

  1. 获得汉语水平考试(HSK)新版五级及以上(220分及以上)证书者(学院承认入学年5月的HSK考试结果)。

  Holding HSK new certificate level 5 or above (scored 220 or above). HSK result in May of the enrollment year is acceptable.

  1. 《上海视觉艺术学院国际学生入学申请表》

  “Application Form for International Students Admission to SIVA”


  第2步:提交 纸质申请材料 Step 2: Submitting Paper Application Materials


  After the school has reviewed and confirmed the application eligibility, applicants should submit the following paper application materials:

  1. 填写《上海视觉艺术学院国际学生入学申请表》,贴上白色背景证件照(尺寸:35mm×49mm)一张,由申请人本人签字;

  Filling in the “Application Form for International Students Admission to SIVA” and pasting a white background photo (size: 35mm×49mm), then signing the form by the applicant himself;

  1. 普通护照彩色复印件(有效日期至少一年以上);在中国大陆境内的申请人还需提供当前有效的证件页或居留许可页的复印件;

  One color copy of passport (the expiry date should be more than one year away); Applicants in the mainland of China must also provide a copy of the current valid ID page or residence permit page;

  1. 最高学历证书(原件或复印件的公证件),应届高中毕业生提交本人所在学校出具的预计毕业证明原件,中、英文以外文本还需提供公正过的翻译件;

  Highest academic certificate (notarized copy of original or photocopy), senior high school graduating students should submit the original copy of the expected graduation certificate issued by the current school. If the language of the documents is not Chinese or English, a notarized translation must be provided;

  1. 最高学历教育阶段全部课程的成绩单(原件或复印件的公证件),中、英文以外文本还需提供公证过的翻译件;

  Transcript (notarized copies of originals or photocopies) of all courses at highest level education. If the language of the documents is not Chinese or English, a notarized translation must be provided;

  1. HSK成绩报告复印件:HSK5级总分220分以上或获得HSK6级证书;

  A copy of the HSK score report: HSK level 5 certificate with total score 220 or above or HSK level 6 certificate;


  One recommendation letter in Chinese or English, with the name and contact information of the recommender;


  Personal statement within 1000 words in Chinese or English, including reasons for application, learning ability, social activities, awards, specialty, learning plan and life goals;


  Applicants of the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan who have immigrated to other countries need to submit:


                Naturalization certificate;


                A copy of passport entry and exit records in the last 4 years or a certificate of actual residence in a foreign country for more than two years in the last 4 years;

  9. 非中国大陆及港澳台地区移民的外国籍申请人,如最近4年内有2年以上在中国大陆或港澳台地区生活学习经历,需提交:

  Foreign applicants who are not immigrants from the mainland of China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, if they have more than 2 years of life and study experience in the mainland of China or Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan in the last 4 years, they need to submit

  1. 出生即为外国籍公民的证明;

  Birth certificate in a foreign country;

  1. 在中国期间全部签证或居留许可复印件;

  Copy of all Chinese visas or residence permits while in China;


                Materials mentioned above in Articles 4 and 5 should be valid in 2 years.


                'The last 4 years' mentioned above in Articles 8 and 9 refers to the last 4 years before April 30 of the enrollment year;


  If there are other documents that can prove the learning ability and comprehensive quality of the applicant, such as the award certificate, the relevant professional ability certificate of the application major, and the admission notification of other universities, they can be submitted together with the application;


  Supplementary materials may be required to submit if necessary;


  All materials above will not be returned, whether your application is successful or not.


  Paper application materials can be submitted by yourself or others, or you can mail to the SIVA Foreign Affairs Office (for details, please refer to the contact information), please indicate the application for undergraduate program on the application form.


  Application deadline: March 31 of the enrollment year. If the paper application materials are not delivered or delivered after the deadline, the application will be deemed to be automatically abandoned.


  五、录取和报到 Enrollment and Registration

  1. 录取 Enrollment


  International candidates applying for our school must take the professional examination. The details including the time, place and subject of examination will be planned by the professional college concerned and notified in advance. After assessing the examination, the best ones will be admitted.

  获得录取资格的申请者,我校将于入学年度开学前发放纸质版《录取通知书》、《外国留学人员来华签证申请表》(JW 202表)等材料。

  Applicants who are eligible for admission will be issued with paper copies of the 'Admission Notification' and 'Visa Application Form for Foreign Students in China' (JW 202) before the start of the enrollment year.


  1. 报到 Registration


  Students should complete the registration at SIVA according to the time specified in Admission Notification.


  六、入学时间 Enrollment Date


                September of every year is determined as the enrollment time, and the specific time will be on the “Admission Notification”.


  七、费用标准(人民币) Fees

  学费:50000元/学年 Tuition: 50,000 RMB/year

  住宿费:1400元/学年 Accommodation: 1,400 RMB/year


  The specific tuition and accommodation fee standards are based on the price charged by the school finance department at the time of enrollment.


  八、奖学金 Scholarship

  中国政府奖学金 Chinese government scholarship


  You may find details on the government website. (http://www.csc.edu.cn)


  九、监督保障机制 Supervision

  1. 我校在国际学生本科生招生过程中做到招生方案公开、选拔方式公平、录取结果公示。

  SIVA follows the principles of being open and fair in the process of recruiting international undergraduates.

  1. 国际学生招生工作全程接受上海视觉艺术学院外事办公室监督

  监察处电话:+86-21-67823083      邮箱:inter@siva.edu.cn

  Whole process of recruiting international students is under supervision of SIVA Foreign Affair Office

  Tel: +86-21-67823083                                                        E-mail: inter@siva.edu.cn


  十、签 证 VISA

  被录取者应持普通护照、《录取通知书》、《外国留学人员来华签证申请表》(JW 202表)、《外国人体格检查表》、《血液化验报告》等前往中国驻外使(领)馆办理来华学习(X1)签证,并持上述材料,按通知书上规定的时间到上海视觉艺术学院办理入学报到手续。持学习(X1)签证,入学后可转为居留许可。

  Admitted applicants should apply for a visa to study in China (X1) in Chinese Embassy (Consulate) abroad with an ordinary passport, 'Admission Notification', 'Visa Application Form for Foreign Students' (JW 202 form), 'Medical Examination Form ', 'Blood Test Report'. With all the above materials, applicants should go to the SIVA to complete the enrollment procedures at the time specified in the admission notification. Student visa (X1) can be transferred to residence permit after registration.


  十一、保 险 Insurance


  According to relevant national regulations, undergraduates of international students must purchase 'Comprehensive Insurance for International Students in China' and provide insurance policy details.


  十二、联系方式 Contact Information


  地址:中国上海市松江区文翔路2200号      邮编:201620

  电话:+86-21-67823083                    传真:+86-21-67822509

  邮箱:siva_international@163.com         网址:http://www.siva.edu.cn

  SIVA Foreign Affairs Office

  Address: No.2200, Wen Xiang RD, Song Jiang District, Shanghai, China

  Postcode: 201620

  Tel: +86-21-67823083

  Fax: +86-21-67822509

  E-mail: siva_international@163.com

  Website: http://www.siva.edu.cn



  Note: Please follow our website for updated policies, and SIVA Foreign Affairs Office reserves the right of the explanation about the relevant policies.